Dutch National Championship 2016

On the 19th of November 2016 Enigma Distribution Benelux organised the first Dutch National Championships for Colt Express.

All Dutch hobby stores were contacted in August and September to join the pre-rounds. As price support for the players, the Cursed Loot items were distributed. All shops who organised the pre-rounds were offered 5% discount for the Col Express at Enigma Distribution Benelux. The shops could also use the Large Train Set from Colt Express if they wanted. After the event, the shops forwarded this kit to the next shop.

16 players presenting the participating shops were invited to The National Railway Museum (www.spoorwegmuseum.nl) in the centre of Netherlands – Utrecht. The event took place in a classic luxurious wagon from the late 19th century called De Blauwe Roemeen (The Blue Romanian). The entrance was marked with red and gold museum cables and a large golden sign which marked this area as a tournament area.

The participants were greeted by Enigma staff, all dressed in 19th century appropriate clothing, at the central hall of the museum.

After coffee and tea, the event started at 10:00 sharp, with 4 tables, each with 4 participants. Every round the scores were processed in Excel. Each table had 1 winner with the largest loot amount. After two full rounds the final was played outside the wagon, with the large Colt Express Train Kit, on a huge table with the 4 nominees. 

All players got a copy of the Time Travel Car, The 3D Station and the Special Punch cards.

The winner received a weekend arrangement, by train, for 2 people, for a total value of 150 euros. The shop who presented the winner receives 10% discount till the end of the year on their Dutch Colt Express orders.

The whole day was wonderful, the players were enjoying themselves, the venue was very pleased with the attention and the shops were grateful they could participate in the pre-rounds. At 13:00 the Nationals were over and the players could visit the museum for free.

A great CONGRATULATIONS to the Winner Mark Krijgsman and a HUGE THANK YOU to Enigma Distribution team.

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