Marshal & Prisoners – the new expansion is coming

As you can see, the bandits are in a new state of mind. They now give a hand to each other, sometimes. Well, let’s say the circumstances have changed.

Now, a clever and merciless is tracking you down. The outlaw life is not so easy now. But the important remains: money makes the difference at the end.

But, sure, the new generation will make you proud. Our bandits already have fanboys, not as skilled as you (they are in prison now), but it is coming.

The new expansion brings the following novelties:

  • a new role: the Marshal
  • a new bandit: Mei
  • a new car: the prison
  • apprentices who give you a second special ability
  • a new action: the brilliant that allows you to get out of the prison but also to copy an action played by another bandit
  • new events
  • new loots

If you want to know more, you can read the game rules here:

The game will be available at the end of October in Europe (before Christmas in America), and for sale at our booth 3Q116 in Essen Spiel’16.

If you plan to visit us in Essen, you can already preorder your copy on our website by clicking on the picture below:

Cet article est également disponible en : French


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