Character meeples 2.0

Character meeples 2.0

You know that we love customizing  our games, give them a new life.

We will release a special play mat for Colt Express soon; This way your train will go into the Rockies.

Last year, we published “Twinples”. These miniatures are still available for sale on  “Studio Twinples” and will be also available at our booth in Essen Spiel fair next month.

Our friends from Meeplesource asked us several months ago if they could create new miniatures for Colt Express. Great! we said.

On this website players can find lots of accessories for their games.

The project is now running on Kickstarter. It offers a lot of characters sets for games such as Code Names, Stone Age, Champions of Midgard and of course Colt Express.

If you are interested in, hurry up! There are only 7 days left before the end of the campaign.

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